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Aug 16 2012

Year two: Week one.

My classroom was set up, my outfit was picked out, and I was mentally ready for the first day of school. Then, the day before the first day I broke a bone in my foot. I spent half the day in the ER getting x-rays and meeting nurse practioners, but the end result was that I would be on crutches for at least 2 weeks. I was crushed that my first weeks in school wouldn’t be as effective as I had envisioned. I cried not out of pain, but out of a sens of loss for what could have been.
I was given an excuse note for work for 2 days, but there was no way I would miss the first day of school. All those kids and parents were counting on me to be there, and no matter how much it hurt or was exhausting I could at least push…

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Feb 26 2012

Musings on Looping Up

My principal asked us to fill out a form specifying our grade level preferences for next year, and my number one preference is to loop up with my class. I don’t that it’s been done much in TFA or at my school, but all the research indicates that looping up with kids maximizes instructional time,…

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Jan 28 2012

Even higher

Since the Christmas break I’ve revamped a number of things in my classroom, and transitions are tighter, expectations are higher, and work is more challenging than ever. I refuse to clean up or push in chairs after my kids, and the worst punishment I give is a student has to stand in front of the…

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Nov 16 2011

Star Scholars

I feel really proud that my kids have internalized what it means to be a Star Scholar, and they actually want to do their homework! I also really love that I have good relationships with all my kids… management is so much more effective when the kids know I love them and think they’re smart.…

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Nov 03 2011


So I know I’ve been just about the worst blogger ever since things have gotten crazy busy at school, but now I vow to┬áreflect more regularly through blogging. Since the last time I posted I was switched with the pre-k teacher; yup, now i teach 4 year-olds. Apparently the other teachers was “too stern” with…

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Sep 06 2011


Every time I think there have been gains made, it seems like a game of 2 steps forward and 1 step back. For example, one of my students had been behaving so much better, and seemed to really want to improve. When he heard I was getting my master’s degree, he quickly updated his big…

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Aug 26 2011

Week 3

They say that if you have a successful first 6 weeks, you’ll be much more likely to have a good rest of the year. Because I’m nearly halfway done with my first 6 weeks, it’s fairly safe to say that things are ok. Kids are compliant and on-task, the class is mostly organized, and they…

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Aug 09 2011

1 Day Gone

With only 179 days between my students and the fourth grade, I know I have a ton of work to do. Today went well all things considered, but I’m ready to unveil my big goals and vision tomorrow. I’m layin’ investment on thick! A few kids had self-control issues today, so I’ve contacted their parents…

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Aug 08 2011

Ge to work!

On the eve of my first day of teaching, I can’t believe how prepared and ready I am to change lives! I’m excited to meet all my new students, get to know them and their parents, and help them set goals that really push them to the highest level of rigor. I don’t know how…

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Aug 03 2011


Today was the first day at my new placement school with the whole staff. I had nightmares of condescending veteran teachers, overbearing grade chairs, and a dispassionate principal. I could’ve have been more wrong. The staff at my school seems to be fun-loving, supportive, and helpful. My grade chair is amazing and promised that she…

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