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Jun 05 2011

Anticipating Institute

Checking in to institute today seemed to me like a momentous occasion. We have been waiting for months to finally get into schools and learn about what it will take to be great teachers. This whole past week has prepared us with the mindset that TFA expects from us, and now that I know my summer school assignment I can’t wait to get started! We each received a huge book bursting at the seams with information we’ll need over the next five weeks plus an additional CD of resources! I am encouraged and comfortable because I recognize so many more faces today than I did just a few days ago, and I already feel a connection to this place from the parents, students, and school administrators we have come into contact with. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a diverse corps, awesome roommates, and helpful staff. I think it’s going to be a remarkable summer!!

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  1. Ben Owen

    Saw this entry on my news feed from the TeachForUs page. You have a great attitude and will be great for your kids! Best of luck!

    -Mr. Owen, ’08 DC Alum

    • j00lerd

      Wow thanks for your feedback!

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