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Nov 16 2011

Star Scholars

I feel really proud that my kids have internalized what it means to be a Star Scholar, and they actually want to do their homework! I also really love that I have good relationships with all my kids… management is so much more effective when the kids know I love them and think they’re smart. We know about half our letters and sounds by now, and we know a few sight words.

I was inspired when I asked my class what they wanted to learn more about so that they can choose our next theme, and a lot of them said they wanted to know more about books. I’m envisioning author studies, a breakfast reading club, writing our own books, and reading books about books.

It is really frustrating to see my old class and how their behavior has gone downhill because I know what their future holds. I wish there was more I could do for them, but I try to channel that anger into passion for my new class. Every week we read a new book together in small groups using our sight words and the focus letters for the week. We also had counting goals each week (this week is count to 30!), and we usually have a social skill of the week like sharing or taking turns that we focus on too. I’m inspired by my kids’ daily positive attitude towards learning, school, and me as a teacher. Even when I feel unsure about a new idea or activity I’m trying, my kids jump in enthusiastically and remind me to not hesitate to try different things or really push them to achieve academically.

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