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Feb 26 2012

Musings on Looping Up

My principal asked us to fill out a form specifying our grade level preferences for next year, and my number one preference is to loop up with my class. I don’t that it’s been done much in TFA or at my school, but all the research indicates that looping up with kids maximizes instructional time, builds better relationships, and promotes parent involvement. I feel like I’ve worked so hard to get my scholars ready to read, and I would love the opportunity to push them even farther next year. I’ve taken a little heat from my administration and even the kindergarten team for wanting to do this, but I truly believe it’s what is best for the kids. It would be fun to get a new class, and I’m sure I would more effective next year than I was this year, but I feel a sense of loyalty to the families I serve now. I know that it would probably be more work to learn a new curriculum and set of paperwork expectations, but I am willing to learn and challenge myself for the sake of pushing these students and truly changing the trajectory of their lives.

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  1. Ms. D

    I taught 3rd grade and was asked each year to loop with the kids. I waited until after my 3rd year teaching (I was a TFA alum at that point) to loop up to 4th grade for my 4th year as a teacher. It was a very positive experience, I am so glad I did it. I am glad I waited because it was the right group of kids. It did yield the desired results – the kids had some amazing growth by the end of my second year. I ended up getting pregnant in October of the second year with my students, gave birth in June, so it was nice to be with a group of kids/parents I felt comfortable with while I was pregnant. A couple parents asked me to loop up to 5th grade with them but I think 2 years was plenty.

    If I remain a teacher next year I am hoping to go back to 3rd grade in hopes of looping up to 4th grade again if the group of kids is the right one again.

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